Severe neck pain

Severe neck pain

What to do in case of acute pain in the neck and how to treat such pain?

Almost everyone experienced severe pain in the neck. It is not necessary for this to fall into an accident or have abnormal vertebrae. Improper organization of the workplace, sedentary work, high physical exertion – these are the usual things from which the neck starts to creak first, and then hurt. With age, osteochondrosis can be complicated, and the presence of diseases of internal organs can add problems to your neck. Wouldn’t it be better to start getting rid of the pain, until it became too painful? Acute pain in the neck can occur suddenly, for example, when sharp turns and bends of the head.

Pain can give to the head (mostly in the back of the head), chest or hands. Such phenomena are often the result of cervical lumbago (cervicago), or acute muscle spasm. Purged, overworked – severe pain can last 10 days, but after it passes. If the pain in the neck continues for a long time, a sharp, aching or pulling pain in the neck does not give rest and significantly worsens the general condition – you need to seek help from specialists.

Doctors will examine the state of your spinal cord and brain: make an x-ray, CT scan or MRI, check if the muscles in your neck, shoulders and upper back are not too tight (electromyography is possible – measuring muscle activity using an electrode). Establishing the cause of pain in the neck can turn into the fact that you will not have to treat the neck at all. And also be prepared for the fact that exercise will have to be part of your daily life.

Milton Montgomery