Pain in the neck

Given the statistics in recent years, pain in the neck began to bother people several times more often. The emergence of computers and new “sedentary” professions contributed. Lack of daily physical activity, overweight, frequent stress – all of these factors are also important in the occurrence of pain in the neck. There are many causes of this symptom.

Causes of pain in the neck

Cervical radiculitis (so-called “nerve pinched”)

Occurs during compression of the spinal nerve root. In most cases, this is due to spondylosis of the cervical spine or herniated intervertebral disc. Radiculitis may occur due to infections (herpes or Lyme disease). The most common symptom is pain in the neck, extending into the arm. And the hand can be “numb”, weak.

Diffuse hyperostosis of the skeleton (or Forestier’s disease)

It occurs in patients older than 50 years. It has been established that the most likely cause of the development of this disease is the accumulation of calcium salts in the ligaments of the spine. Perhaps the absence of symptoms, but in some cases, a person decreases the mobility of the neck, there is pain.

Degenerative changes in the structure of intervertebral discs

As a result, the load is distributed unevenly between the disks, arc-joint joints and end plates. Pain in the neck in this case occurs when turning and bending the head, radiating to the shoulder or arm.

Injuries to the cervical spine

Most often, resulting from car accidents. After the injury, pain in the neck occurs, muscle spasm occurs, difficulties arise when trying to perform neck movements. Gradually, the symptoms can go away on their own, but sometimes the pain can turn into chronic.

Muscle pain

Muscle aches and pains caused by injuries, physical overstrain, improperly selected pillows can cause neck pains.